Jack and Jess

If you are looking for a talented photographer with a personal touch then Anna Wiecek will deliver you a wonderful service. She and her husband Pawel were very thorough throughout in giving my wife Jess and I the opportunity to craft a vision for our dream wedding photographs. On the day itself they both displayed great patience, care and attention to detail – working extremely hard throughout. And the end result of a beautiful and well presented album, combined with 10 large print outs and several hundred photographs on a disc was well worth the wait. I thoroughly recommend them if you are looking for a well priced, professional photography team to give you a unique account of your special day. It was a pleasure getting to know them and they are lovely people as well as great photographers!

Justin and Angel

Thank you Anna and Pavlo so much… you really made our day! The photography was the last thing we needed to worry on the day because we had thorough communication beforehand and we just knew everything would be taken care of on our big day. You were always in the right scene, capturing the right moments. And we were just amazed when we saw the photos, all the happy moments, all the joys on our and guests’ face, the beautiful venue, the smiles, the tears and everything. We were so lucky to have wonderful wedding photographers like you who are so passionate, dedicated, and such perfectionists on the work you do 🙂

Alpha and James

Anna Wiecek is an absolute find: she’s calm, patient, discreet, incredibly talented and dedicated to her work, and one of the nicest people you could hope to have at your wedding! From the very start, Anna was keen to hear about our ideas and gave us the opportunity to meet with her in advance to discuss what we wanted. On the day itself, Anna was a joy to have around: she remained calm and unflustered throughout and had an amazing way of just blending in so that we hardly noticed that we were being photographed! We’re both camera-shy so really valued Anna’s ability to organise the group shots (and us!) whilst remaining unobtrusive. When the photographs arrived, we were truly delighted at how perfectly Anna had captured all of our most precious moments, as well as so many beautiful details that we had missed. We are so pleased that we found Anna and would recommend her most highly. 
Thank you again Anna, we look forward to seeing you in the future!




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