Newborn session

Beautiful newborn baby Nicole was carried into my studio by her stunning mom while sleeping peacefully in her car seat. She slept through most of her session, content to make little sounds when I adjusted her pose, throughout her dreams.
You can see the incredible love in Katja’s expression while she is holding little Nicole. Mother-daughter photos are some of my favorite! I always tell clients that these photos are not necessarily for right now — they’re for the future!


Maternity session

I loved getting to spend time with this gorgeous family and had so much fun photographing them together. Michelle and her husband will be welcoming another little boy to their family soon and wanted to take portraits with their first baby before they all become a family of four. It’s always a big transition when welcoming a new baby into the family. Once the baby arrives, Milo will become the big brother so I hope these images help him to remember the time when he was Mommy and Daddy’s little baby.



Cake smash session

Oh my gosh, Klara was just the sweetest thing ever.She gave me so many fun expressions, and she loved checking out the balloons on her set. But, who doesn’t love balloons? She really loved her cake and was experimenting with pushing it around, smashing it and of course – eating it!



Cake smash

Natalia was absolutely full of personality during her first birthday cake smash session in my home studio. She truly SMASHED that cake! She was very curious about the squishy texture and kept giving it the stare down. I just love these babies, they’re so much fun!
See some of my favorite images below.


Cake Smash session

Alex is such a handsome little guy. He was a little bit shy when he came to see me in my Plano studio, but he was at least willing to give his cake a try. I love watching these sweet little ones having this new experience.
Here are some of my favorite images.


Cake smash session

I had such a great time hanging out with this beautiful family as we celebrated the twins first birthday with a photo session.They truly SMASHED that cake! They were very curious about the squishy texture and kept giving it the stare down. I just love these babies, they’re so much fun!


Newborn Photography

Alex was a tiny little prince that slept his entire session; he didn’t even know what happened, hehe. Mom and Dad are so sweet and I’m so grateful that they chose me as their newborn photographer.