Cake session

When a family visit my photography studio with their new baby, innocently sleeping, curled up as if they were in the womb, they know all too well that so much will change in such a short amount of time.
By the time clients come back to me for first birthday photo shoots, the baby has transformed into a bundle of fun and is literally bursting with personality! It’s genuinely an absolute thrill to have them return to me and for me to see how much the baby has changed in that first year.


Cake smash session

Oh my gosh, Klara was just the sweetest thing ever.She gave me so many fun expressions, and she loved checking out the balloons on her set. But, who doesn’t love balloons? She really loved her cake and was experimenting with pushing it around, smashing it and of course – eating it!



Cake smash

Natalia was absolutely full of personality during her first birthday cake smash session in my home studio. She truly SMASHED that cake! She was very curious about the squishy texture and kept giving it the stare down. I just love these babies, they’re so much fun!
See some of my favorite images below.


Cake Smash session

Alex is such a handsome little guy. He was a little bit shy when he came to see me in my Plano studio, but he was at least willing to give his cake a try. I love watching these sweet little ones having this new experience.
Here are some of my favorite images.


Family photography

North London has so many beautiful parks that it’s hard to choose a favorite one. Recently I have rediscovered the amazing Golders Hill Park – such a fantastic and diverse location for family photography. The park is also close to Hampstead Heath, and I can combine the wild beauty of the Hampstead Woods with the playground and the more formal wall garden of Golders Hill.

I had the honor of photographing this beautiful family of four on warm sunny day in local park in North London – Golders Hill. Beautiful, warm spring colors, perfect light, cuddly baby, a giggly girl and some leaves to play in when we got sidetracked. These two sweet children are just absolutely precious! I am a strong believer that if a shoot is fun for the children and everybody is relaxed, it is easy to capture beautiful family portraits.




Cake smash photography

It seems like just yesterday Naomi visited my studio for her newborn session. Today she has one and she is a beautiful girl with amazing big blue eyes. It was such a nice time during the session. Happy Birthday Naomi.